Sold … 1957 Fender Strat Custom Shop Blue Ice Metallic all Rosewood Neck – Closer Look Pull Down Pics


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Sold …

Fender Custom Shop LTD 50’S STRAT Journeyman, All Rosewood Neck,

Blue Ice Metallic

Closer Look

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Tony Elder / Steve Jackson
Black Dot Music
Est 1985

Here we feature the Fender Strat 1957 Custom Shop Lake Placid Blue all Rosewood Neck . We offer a closer look at the inner quality, era tribute components and incredible tooling, finishing._

The Custom Shop builders pencil markings can be seen pre the body and neck impressed stamping. Also the build and traveler numbers with fender colour code.  We were extremely careful in preparing the guitar for the insight pics.

Journeyman Relic finish, the Limited Edition 50’s Stratocaster looks like a guitar that has been used, and lovingly cherished for decades. 2016 Winter NAMM Limited Edition model.___

The Fender Custom Shop 2016 Winter NAMM Limited Edition 50’s Stratocaster is not necessarily a reissue of a specific year or moment in time, but rather a general vibe and appreciation for a decade that changed the electric guitar forever.

The Limited Edition 50’s Stratocaster sports an all time classic ’57 Soft V neck profile, an alder body, and premium hand-wound pickups that honour a decade of excellence and iconic builds. To take things a step further, this particular Limited Edition NAMM instrument sports an ultra cool, stunningly beautiful rosewood neck for an unbelievable feel and tonal response. WOW!