Traynor YCV40 Custom Valve Combo Amp 2005


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Traynor YCV40 Custom Valve Combo Amp 2005

The first guitar amp that brought the Traynor name back into the world of modern tube amps was the YCV40, and it continues on today. Real tube overdrive is provided by three 12AX7WA dual triode preamp tubes while real tube power is provided by two 5881WXT beam power tubes. The internal gadgetry in this channel switching amp provides good flexibility, but makes it very easy to get a great tone. The combination of the tube power and the Celestion™ speaker is magical. The three basic tones (clean, crunch and overdrive) are easily defined. With great tone at low levels, and shine and punch at full tilt, the Custom Valve 40 has received rave reviews for over 10 years, including Guitar Player™ magazine’s Editor’s Pick Award in 2001.

Auto-matching tube circuit maintains bias balance as tubes age ensuring hum free performance throughout tube life

DC filaments on preamp tubes eliminate hum

Fully regulated power supply with tube rectifier emulation

Long Accutronics spring reverb

Classic Celestion™ speaker

All plywood enclosure

Heavy gauge perforated grille with cloth cover

Custom design “Chicken Beak” knobs

In great sounding and working condition.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 20 cm


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