* In Store – Victoria Victorialux 2007 Brown Tolex 3×10 Reverb Tremolo Combo, 40w


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Victoria Victorialux 2007 Brown Tolex 3×10

Reverb / Tremolo / 40w Combo

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Tony Elder / Steve Jackson
Black Dot Music
Est 1985


In very clean condition.

Some of the descriptions out there from Victoria

In 2001, I finally relented, and we began to build amps with reverb and tremolo. The response to the introduction of the Victoriette and Victorilux by our customers and reviewers has been overwhelming, but not merely because we know how to do reverb and trem. Granted, we researched many of the classic circuits, lifting some of Leo’s genius from the brown and blackface era amps.  Victoria Amp Co.

This used Victoria Victorilux 3×10 Combo is a Fantastic! Inspired by Fender’s classic brown and blackface amps, this uses two 6L6’spower tubes, as well as four 12AX7 and one 12AT7 preamp tubes, and a GZ34 rectifier. Here with three 10″ Jensen P10R speakers, it can dish out 30 watts of power. This is the earlier version of the Victorilux, featuring 6L6’s, a cathode-biased 40-watt output section.

The Victorilux features a tone that rides the line between two eras of Fender amps–with a Blacface-era clarity that rides on top of the warth and touch-sensitivity of earlier Fender designs. The Victorilux also features tube long-spring reverb and an all-tube tremolo circuit. This amp has been cleaned and tested,

fully functional and sounds fantastic. Includes footswitch and cover.

-Power Output: 40 Watts
-Tubes: 5AR4, 6L6 (2), 12AT7, 12AX7 (4)
-Speaker: 3-Jensen P10R Alnico
-Controls: Intensity, Speed, Reverb, Middle, Bass, Treble, Volume


Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 70 × 60 × 50 cm


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