Sold- Fender FSR ‘65 Deluxe Reverb Head 2015 Blonde with Custom Cab


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Fender Limited Edition ‘65 Deluxe Reverb Head 21 May 2015 Blonde Mint Rare with Custom Speaker Factory  cab

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Tony Elder / Steve Jackson
Black Dot Music
Est 1985



Very few 240 export Blonde Deluxe Reverb Heads came to Australia! This one is in sensational condition and sounds great. Grille change to match cab.


Players asked for a distinctive take on the classic mid-’60s Deluxe Reverb, one of the most indispensable stage and studio amps ever made, and here it is. The ’65 Deluxe Reverb Head delivers the essential sound and style of our timeless ’65 Deluxe Reverb combo in amp-head form perfect for rock, country, blues and other players who want to pair one of Fender’s greatest guitar amps with their own favourite cabinets.

Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb Head Features:

  • Fender’s classic 22W tube amp – in a head!
  • Factory special run (FSR) limited edition
  • Output: 22 watts into 8 ohms
  • Channels: Two Channels (Normal and Vibrato)
  • Tube Driven Spring Reverb
  • Tube tremolo
  • Baltic Birch Plywood Cabinet
  • Normal Channel Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass
  • Vibrato Channel Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb
  • Vibrato Controls: Speed, Intensity

Simply put, there’s really nothing quite like the pure, powerful sound of a Fender tube amplifier. For decades, the tonal richness and touch-sensitive dynamics of real tubes have given Fender amps a defining and unmistakable voice, as heard on most professional recordings and performances of the past 60 years—the music you’ve known your whole life.


Among their many fine sonic attributes, Fender guitar amps like this one are prized in particular for their luscious spring reverb. For that wet, shimmering ambient sound ranging from subtle to cavernous, Fender lets you dial it in exactly to taste.


Rich, pulsating tremolo in any shade from subtle to stupendous is simply part of Fender’s guitar-amp DNA. Always has been and always will be.


Heard on countless recordings, this is the fantastic sparkling-clean sound, warm breakup when pushed, and cavernous reverb of Fender’s famous black panel amps of the early 1960s and subsequent decades, prized by guitarists everywhere.


Just like the great Fender guitar amps of the 1950s and ’60s that founded our amp legacy and defined the essence of pure tone and power, this amplifier is assembled in the United States.

  • Voltage
    240V AUS
  • Wattage
    22 Watts
  • Controls
    Normal Channel: Volume, Treble, Bass; Vibrato Channel: Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb; Vibrato: Speed, Intensity
  • Channels
    Two – (Normal and Vibrato)
  • Inputs
    Four – (1/4″, Two Normal and Two Vibrato)
  • Speaker Jack
    Two – 1/4″ Parallel
  • Cabinet Material
    7-Ply 5/8″ Birch Plywood
  • Amplifier Covering
    Black Textured Vinyl
  • Grille Cloth
  • Amplifier Jewel
    Red Jewel
  • Front Panel
  • Handle
    Molded Rubber “Dog Bone” Style
  • Total Impedance
    8 ohms
  • Preamp Tubes
    4 x 12AX7
  • Power Tubes
    2 x 6V6
  • Rectifier
    Tube (1 x 5AR4)
  • Footswitch
    2-Button Footswitch Included
  • Amp Height
    9.38″ (23.9 cm)
  • Amp Depth
    8.7″ (22 cm)
  • Amp Width
    24″ (61 cm)
  • Amp Weight
    27 lbs. (12.2 kg)


The Speaker Factory custom double speaker cabinet – Blonde Tolex. Had a Fender Badge added when it arrived, we removed it to market the cab.

WGS G12C/S 12″ 75 WATTS American Vintage Guitar Speaker x 2

If you are looking for a speaker with a classic American vibe, but need a smoother more soulful top end, look no further than the WGS G12C/S. This is based on our popular G12C, but with a smooth cone, felt dust cap and just the right amount of edge treatment. This speaker works great in amps where you are going for that big American clean but just need it a little softer up top. With it’s touch-sensitive response and ability to take pedals extremely well, the G12C/S has become one of the most lauded in our American Vintage line.

  • Resonant Frequency (Fs): 95.68 Hz
  • DC Resistance (Re): 7.47 Ohm
  • Coil Inductance (Le): 0.28 mH
  • Mechanical Q (Qms): 14.56
  • Electromagnetic Q (Qes): 0.73
  • Total Q (Qts): 0.69
  • Compliance Equiv. Vol. (Vas): 19.70 cu ft
  • Mech. Compliance of Susp. (Cms): 0.10 mm/N
  • BL Product (BL): 12.83 T-M
  • Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms): 26.70 grams
  • Surface Area of Cone (Sd): 366.10 cm squared
  • Sound Pressure Level (spl): 99.54 db


Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 50 cm


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