* Sold – 1958, Gibson, Les Paul, Historic, 2002, Custom Shop, Flame Top


1958 Gibson Les Paul Historic 2002 Custom Shop

Sunburst, Flame Top 8-2476

Burst Buckers 2&3

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Tony Elder / Steve Jackson
Black Dot Music
Est 1985

Flame Top 1958 before Gibson went back to plain top ’58’s. Fabulous 3D-3A top. Amazing faded cherry back and sides now a golden gold top caramel brown.

Sold – P Boulton

From the Les Paul forum

* Genuine Kluson tuners for the early units.
* Improved tuner bushings
* More accurately shaped fingerboard inlays
* Non-wire ABR-1 bridge for the early units.
* Amber tophat knobs
* CTS pots
* Owners Card (listing name, serial number and the dealership), Certificate of Authenticity, Reissue Strap, an Embroidered Les Paul Swatch and a Custom Care Kit.
* Burstbucker type 2 & 3.
* Inlay material changed to swirly plastic, corners sharpened. (only R9/R0, later for all models)
* Vintage style thin jack plate. (only R9/0, later for all models)
* Vintage style thin toggle switch washer. (only R9/0, later for all models)
* Vintage color toggle switch knob. (only R9/0, later for all models)
* Vintage style CTS pots and oil caps. not bumblebee. (only R9/0, later all models)
* Dark deep cherry sunburst.
* R7 gets Bursrtbuckers
* Left handed Historics get side dots added to the underside of the neck
* Custom Authentic loses Grovers
* 8 Official Brazilian R9’s
* 5 Guitar Center R0 models built (listed as “LPR0PTKBNH1 LP 60 Plaintop”)