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PRS Wood Library McCarty 594,

Platinum Metallic 2021 Mint

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Tony Elder / Steve Jackson
Black Dot Music
Est 1985

Hold Darren.

Phenomenal PRS in Mint condition, the best PRS we have had through the store.

Info from PRS and Gear4Music.

PRS Wood Library McCarty 594, Platinum Metallic #0324233 Overview

The PRS Wood Library McCarty 594 is a guitar that oozes excellence. A PRS masterpiece that has stood the test of time, it features not just vintage-style tuners and a two-piece bridge, but also some innovative features that improve the guitar’s tone tremendously. Two 58/15 pickups allow you to deliver a completely astounding sound that’s full of bite, articulation, and raw power. Plus, they project sublime consistency across the whole frequency range thanks to the TCI (tuning capacitance and inductance) process they have gone through.

As well as offering incredible sound, the PRS McCarty has been crafted from a combination of tonewoods that provide immense sturdiness, durability, and enhance playability. With magnificent robustness, the korina body can endure your aggressive playing and thrashing about on stage and it will thrive. A smooth ziricote fretboard then enables you to slide skilfully at speed across the frets in effortless fashion. Go wild. The PRS McCarty promises a breath-taking experience.

Full Description

Incredible pickups

For a tone that is nothing short of thrilling, you need powerful pickups. Equipped with 58/15 pickups, the McCarty 594 does not disappoint. Explore the possibilities of both rich and warm humbucking sounds as well as punchy single coil tones. They offer bite, definition, and an abundance of dynamics, making for a truly exhilarating performance. But PRS have gone one step further. Such astounding pickups have been constructed through the innovative TCI process. TCI, or ‘tuning capacitance and inductance’, ensures every single note is projected with refined tuning, giving you a consistent sound amongst the bass and treble notes.

When you’re delivering such a decimating tone, it is important that you have the freedom to sculpt it with your virtuosic skill. Featuring two volume controls and two push/pull controls, this guitar allows you to finetune each pickup for a wonderfully distinctive sound. The push/pull feature of the tone controls is extremely enticing as it lets you choose either a glorious humbucking tone or a richer, slightly more crunchy single coil. The 3-way selector switch then lets you use either or both pickups in a way that won’t interrupt your playing.

Robust design

The body of the McCarty 594 has been crafted from korina, a wondrously sturdy tonewood that is incredibly similar to mahogany. From mellower playing to aggressive, energetic performances, korina can handle it and will remain in pristine condition. Plus, there’s a carved figured maple top with exposed maple edge for added elegance and durability.

Shaped with a double cutaway, the body looks absolutely magnificent. But it also offers exceptional benefits that make this guitar a dream to play. Slide up the neck and reach the higher frets with ease thanks to this visually striking yet hugely practical design, whilst a slightly thicker back then embellishes every note with glistening sustain. Let those top notes scream during your solos, that is exactly what the McCarty 594 has been built for.

Incredible playability

Unleash your potential across 22 exquisite frets. Showcasing a pattern vintage shape, the neck is superbly comfortable to hold and will fit snugly in your grip. And the fretboard holds immense wonder too. The entire length of it is intonated, so you can be sure that every single note will ring out absolutely perfectly and sound precisely in tune. Its ziricote construction is exceptionally durable, so it can take any ferocious attack of your fretting without wearing away.

Premium, trustworthy quality

Experience the ground-breaking instrument that was the McCarty 594, released in the ’90s. But experience it in a way that meets your demands as a modern player. This model truly is the epitome of pure PRS quality, in durability, sound, and looks. And in order to maintain its pristine condition, you’ll want to keep it secure and protected. With the McCarty 594 comes a PRS hardshell case, so you can travel stress-free knowing it won’t suffer any damage on the road. Let this sturdy case absorb any knocks or scrapes so your guitar doesn’t have to. It will be ready and waiting for you to deliver a mind-blowing performance.


  • Product Code: WL_01777_L2_ #0324233


  • Body Top: Carved Figured Maple With Exposed Maple Edge
  • Body Back: Natural Korina

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck Wood: Natural Korina
  • Neck Shape: Pattern Vintage
  • Scale Length: 24.594″
  • Fingerboard: Ziricote With Faux Bone Binding
  • Fingerboard Inlay: Green Ripple Birds

Hardware & Electronics

  • Pickups: 58/15 TCI
  • Controls: 2x Volume, 2x Push/Pull Tone
  • Pickup Switching: 3-Way Toggle Switch On Upper Bout
  • Bridge: PRS Two-Piece Cast Zinc
  • Tuners: Vintage-Style
  • Case: PRS Hardshell Case (Included)

The Wood Library – What Is It?

Guitars often come through our production line and out of our doors labeled as “Wood Library” guitars. But what does it all mean!? In this post, we attack this question head on and try to explain these unique instruments.

Tucked away upstairs in a corner of our 85,000 square foot factory are racks of extraordinary wood. Maple, mahogany, korina, rosewood, swamp ash, you name it. Dozens of species of timber hanging out in this area we call the “Wood Library.”

The Wood Library program is in a way similar to our Private Stock program in that it is an elaborate menu-based program for the PRS Core line of guitars designed to give our dealers the opportunity to build special runs for their store and customer base. The common misconception is that the quality of the wood in the wood library is unique. That’s not the case; the wood library is graded on the same scale in which we grade our other woods: Core, 10-top, Artist Package, Private Stock.

What is unique however, are the combinations of wood dealers can place together when ordering a run of wood library instruments. Let’s give an example, take for instance our Custom 24 model, it comes stock with a mahogany back, maple top, mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard. A dealer ordering a Wood Library Custom 24 run now has the option of swapping that mahogany back for korina, or swamp ash, or anything else offered inside the wood library. Or instead of swapping the Custom 24’s standard mahogany back they may choose to swap the mahogany neck for maple, or rosewood.

It may seem complicated, but the Wood Library is simple, it enables dealers to swap some of the materials in our core guitars. It’s designed to encourage the dealer to visit PRS and hand select the woods, options, colors, birds, pickups, electronics, well you get the idea…for their very own special run. Why do dealers come all this way? To give their customers the very best experience with our brand and theirs.

The Wood Library is a great option for customers looking for a unique wood combination and something a little different than we normally offer!

Below are some photos of our wood library!



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