Sold … Gibson ES-175TDN c1957 Blond Near Mint Condition


Gibson ES-175TDN c1957 Blonde
Near Mint Condition

If one had a time capsule, and set it to go back to 1957, this is the guitar, players (into a semi Rock/Jaz

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Gibson ES-175TDN c1957 Blonde

Near Mint Condition


Sold …

If one had a time capsule, and set it to go back to 1957, this is the guitar, players (into a semi Rock/Jazz tone) would buy! Funds permitting, they would reach up to the top shelf (above the Sunburst finish Gibson’s) to the highly prized Natural/Blonde finish Gibson Guitars and after taking it down, would remember to take a breath again!

In 2016, the guitar is still breath taking!!! Being the only Blonde Gibson ES-175 from c1957 to surface (so far) in Australia and it may quite be the only one here! Such is the rarity of this incredibility fine instrument.

Gibson production figures show only “175” Blonde ES-175’s we produced for the world in 1957 … a magical number 🙂 Even less in 1958 “114” I guess in 1957, the ES-175TDN with Gibson pre 1957 P-90 pickups was exciting to the desired customer as it stood. With the addition of Gibson’s new Patent Applied For Humbucking Pickups, it may have been with a burning desire that one lusted for on of these beauties!

The Gibson Patent Applied For pickup. wich would late be abbreviated to the “PAF Pickup” to most players and collectors alike, any Gibson guitar featuring these astounding pickups (from the Super 400 down to the Les Paul Standard) from 1957 – 1960, are usually the pinnacle to any guitar collection, or artist magic around the world.

This near mint condition ES-175TDN, once had the addition of a strap pin (like most semi-acoustic and Acoustics of the era, the guitars left the factory without a strap pin in the forward position). It has since been removed.

The guitar shows almost zero playing ware for its 59 years and is in magnificent condition and would fall into the category of an “under the bed” find. The original Nichol plated hardware still gleams, as does the factory Gibson finish. This Gibson ES-175 has that sensational late 1950’s colourful PAF sound with a tone that makes you scratch your head and ask how did they do that? Truly a work of art.

This extraordinary guitar would make a “Super Decorative”, even if you weren’t lucky enough to own a amplifier or even play guitar! The original Lifton “Built Like A Fortress” brown with pink lining case is a museum piece in its own right … Astounding!

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