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Fender Stratocaster 2009 Custom Shop
1956 BlackWant to trade? layby? swap? or make an offer?
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Tony Elder / Steve Jackson


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Fender Stratocaster 2009 Custom Shop

1956 Black

Want to trade? layby? swap? or make an offer?

Please talk with us 02 6696 3530

Tony Elder / Steve Jackson

Seeing this incredible guitar reminds me of a trip to Arlington, Texas, for a Vintage guitar show in 1996.

On the first day of the show, Mark Evans and myself were looking intently at every booth … all 425 of them. We were taking notes and prices (in our little blue book), of all the guitars we were interested in and their comparative pricing. By days end, we had covered all the displays and were exhausted and dizzy with the thought of the long night ahead sorting through the amassed notes of interesting Fender’s, Gibson’s, Martin’s etc.

The lights had dimmed and the security guards were moving people out of the show as day one was over. Mark and I walk towards the exit and went past a stand that we must have missed. All these old 1950’s and 1960’s Fender Tele’s and Strat’s. Wow! We made a note of the stand number and spent most of the night thinking how did we miss that incredible display. Of coarse the stand would be out first port of call in the morning.

On arrival the next day, under light, we were astounded to see that these guitars were new Fenders! Fender had set up the stand later that afternoon. The main feature of the display was “new” Fender Custom Shop guitars “aged” to appear old, with various degrees of wear. These guitars were the talk of the show … how? Why? When? The comments were a plenty … Should Fender be doing this to new guitars? Is Fender faking guitars to look old? Leo Fender would have been turning in his grave!

It was early days for Fender Relics and the appreciation and demand would only get stronger as well as the quality and accuracy to the finest of details.

I use to say these Relics were business cards for the original fifties Fender’s … though, as time passes, these guitars take on an even more authentic look and feel.

One would be so thrilled to be able to call this guitar their own.

Now to plug into Tony’s Vibro-King One more time …

Steve Jackson

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