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Fender Concert Amp 1983 Hand Wired Rivera

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Tony Elder / Steve Jackson
Black Dot Music
Est 1985

This amp sounds as good as looks. There are some small scuffs but overall in almost bedroom / studio condition.  All electronics have been tested and are in working fine. The Concert has a 12″ Electro-voice EV-L speaker and it has the tone. Hand-wired back like the original Tweed, cream, brown and Blackface Amps. What a great sounding amp!

From Wiki

II Series and the Rivera Era

The II Series amplifiers[5] were produced from 1982 until 1986, being the last Fender amps to be made at Fullerton. The specifications for these amplifiers (all 14 of which are listed here), and leadership of the design team, came from Paul Rivera (then marketing director) and are known as Fender Rivera era amplifiers. Some amplifiers in the series used the II moniker; the Champ II, Princeton Reverb II, Deluxe Reverb II and Twin Reverb II, while others such as the Concert and Super Champ did not. Many of these amps had the normal Fender clean sound and in addition a switchable mid voiced gain channel, designed to compete with the Mesa Boogie Mark Series series amps that had gained popularity at the time.

The tube amps in the series feature hand-wired eyelet board construction and are also becoming sought-after collectors items, due to the design and build quality. The range included one small tube-driven bass amp, the Bassman 20. There were also some solid-state amplifiers using the II moniker, such as the Harvard Reverb II. Other solid-state amps produced during the Rivera era included the Yale Reverb, Studio Lead, Stage Lead, London Reverb, Montreux, and a solid-state issue of the Showman. Many of these units shared the same circuitry boards in one capacity or another.

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