Sold … 1961 Moody Vibralux 10/12 (10 watts, 12” speaker).


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1961 Moody Vibralux 10/12 (10 watts, 12” speaker).

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Moody guitar amplifiers and lap steel guitars were made by R. Moody & Co. Pty Ltd, of SydneyAustralia in the 1960s. They were made in the company’s factory at 126 Bombay Street Lidcombe. An earlier production workshop was located in Board Street Lidcombe but was destroyed by fire in the mid 60s. The Bombay St premises was purpose built.

The owner of the company was Bert (Robert) Moody (2/8/1924-30/7/2005). He moved out of the Amplifier production business in the early to mid 70s due to an inability to compete with the much cheaper imported Japanese amplifiers such as Yamaha etc. When production of Amplifiers ceased, Bert Moody then formed an alliance with Baldwin Piano and Organ Company of the USA, and he then became the Australian Importer of these instruments.

Moody Amps were notable at the time for their styling and their predominantly cathode bias circuits. A good summary of their valve (or tube) guitar amplifiers can be found at this website.

Models included the 60W (GA60?), GA40 (G denoting Guitar), BA40 (blonde) (and black) (B denoting Bass), GA-35, BA-17, GA12, Vibralux 10/12, and the 496, as well as making amps under for other brandnames, such as Ultratone.

The Moody brand was to be relaunched in 2007.